101 Blogging Tips-What Will I Blog About (Part 39)

Hi, this is Sotiris Bassakaropoulos from Probloggingschool.com and I am here with part 39 of our 101 blogging tip series. Today’s blogging top is “What will I blog about?” This is a big question that a lot of people have who just start out online, it’s a very big question for people who just start online. Often, they don’t know where to start or what to actually blog about. They get a blog and they just don’t know where to start, or how to start. It even happens with people who have been blogging for a long time. They can just have a day where they draw a blank and aren’t thinking the best and things just don’t pop into their mind instantly. This video today is just to give you a few ideas on what you could actually blog about if you’re having one of those days. We’re not all going to have exactly the same website or blog, so in some cases, your blog may be about different health and fitness things, it could be about yoga, it could be about diet, it could be about internet marketing, blogging, it could be so many things. But here are a few things you can do to give yourself some ideas of what to blog about. The first thing that you can do is use video.

Don’t feel that just because you are blogging you have to physically write everything, you can do videos as well or use other people’s videos for your blog. (give credit of course.) The first thing you can do is actually go to youtube.com/charts and find out what the hottest topics on Youtube are, what stuff is going on, what people are watching at the moment and what are they interested in. If there’s anything funny happening now, or there’s something in the news, or there’s something people can be interested in, that could be a topic for your blog, depending on what you are actually blogging about. It’s a very good way to get different topics, there can quite often be hot topics about internet marketing or blogging or websites or stuff like that. For example, maybe a hosting account has gone down. I’ve had times where HostGator had a problem and hosting accounts went down, or GoDaddy got hacked and people’s GoDaddy accounts went down and stuff like that. The other thing you can actually do is you can go to different other sites such as Mashable and see what sort of things are going on there, the Huffington Post, see what things are going on there.

Also other websites in your niche, so if you have a yoga site you can google yoga and find out what they’re talking about, what they’re interested in, what the hot topics are. Another thing you can do is you can go to an article directory, and you can type in Yoga articles, or internet marketing articles, or stuff like that and you can see different topics and articles. If you see a topic like “the seven quickest ways to get traffic to your website” you could maybe write an article and call it “tips to get traffic to your website” and you could completely rewrite and change the article. If you’re writing your own article I would just get an idea and write your own article. Instead of “7 top tips to transform your home” you could just change it to “7 top tips to transform your body”. You can work on stuff like that. You get different ideas from going through things like that, find out who the top people are in your area of business and see what they’re talking about. See what they’re saying in their videos on Youtube and get ideas from that.

101 Blogging Tips-Create A Product (Part 76)

Hi, this is Sotiris Bassakaropoulos with part 76 of our 101 blogging tips video series. The title of this video is “Create a product” Whenever you are blogging, and you have a blog, it is possible, and it’s advised to have some sort of system or program or affiliate program that you can recommend and make some income from. That’s very good, it’s especially good if you’re just starting out and you’ve never made a penny online before. But once you’ve been online for a while and you understand how things work, and how to put things together and so on, it is a really good time to create your own product.

The thing about creating your own product is, first of all, you are branding yourself and your company, and as well as that, you are able to leverage different things that you wouldn’t be able to leverage as an affiliate. For example, you can leverage your own products by going to people that are other marketers who have clients who benefit from it. You can say “look, I can give you 50% commission on every sale I make of my course or products. And they can actually make a commission, they can basically make a commission, 50% or you can even offer 70% and as well as that you are also creating a list of buyers, so whenever they market the product to their buyers and do a joint venture with you, they will opt-in and subscribe to you. They will buy your products and you will be building a list of buyers as well which is very good for long-term income in your business.

I recommend creating your own product, and then you can build up to a bigger product range. At the moment I am in the process of creating a video series that will be 101 blogging tutorials that teach different tips and techniques about blogging. It’ll be one on one, showing you over my computer in all the videos I’ll be showing you what I do, how I do everything, how I create products, where I sell the products, how I set it up. I will be showing you how I do my blogging, the different software that I use. I’ll be going through all the things that I do, which over the last 10 years I have learned. 9 years I’ve been fulltime on the internet.

101 Blogging Tips-Create A Product (Part 76)


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How To Change A Favicon In WordPress

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Best SEO Blogging Tips


1. Mobile SEO is of a very high importance starting this year.

2. Improving your content quality,Yes  high quality content is vital for SEO dominance this year.

3. Also focus on building your brand or your company brand

4. Be active on all the social media websites and link back to your website or blog.

5. Pictures make sure to name picture files your SEO Keyword names and tags.

6. Use local directories and submit your business if you are a local business

7. Make sure you also list  your business on the major local directories  like Foursquare,Yellow pages,Yelp, etc.

8. Create engaging content that is regularly updated.

9. Decrease your sites loading time by using faster hosting

10. Make sure to delete links from your website that no longer work.

11. If your website is local be sure to use local phrases in your posts tags and keywords.

12. Remember to create content for the users not the search engines


Make sure you also Update your XML Sitemap pretty frequently as well.


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Best SEO Blogging Tips

10 Useful Websites For Bloggers


In todays post I will be sharing with you 10 Websites that could be ideal for bloggers.


1. Ever need your IP address when mapping a domain or looking to exclude your IP address from visits to your website ETC.

Then just go to www.whatismyipaddress.com


2. Do you ever wonder how readable your website is for visitors?  Well it can make a big difference so you can take your text and check your readability score by going to



3. Have you ever decided to do something on your computer and then noticed your new version of the software doesn’t work?  Well it happens to me many times, here is the answer!

 Go To www.olderversion.com and find an older version of your software.


4. Have you ever lost one of your websites due to a domain or hosting expiring and missing the deadline? And in the process lost all your posts and content.

Well all you need to is visit the Wayback Machine and with a little luck lots of previous caches of your website at different dates will be stored there. then it is up to you to just copy and paste the content.  🙂 


5.  Do you ever need to transfer large files or articles to your virtual assistants or to one of your clients or business associates?  The website below will take care of that for you best of all it is simple and easy to use too.



6. Do you ever want to send a video email?  Video emails are good when you just want to talk to someone directly in person even if you are far away.  You can use this service to send your video emails 🙂 



7. Do you know that the length of time your website takes to load can sometimes affect your Google rankings?  Using this website you can type in your website url and find out exactly how long it takes to load.



8. Ever want to send a private note to someone but do not want the whole world to read it?  Well then you can use this cool bit of software after you send the note to someone and they read it.  It Automatically self destructs..



9.  This is a great way to find out what is missing from your website and what things you may need to do to improve it and also help Google to recognise your website better.




10. Last but certainly not least this may not be the most cheerful email you will ever send out but you never know when it could come in handy for you. Yes using this email you can send out emails when or after you die www.deadmansswitch.net


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10 Useful Websites For Bloggers

How To Make A Blog Link No Follow



How To Make A Blog Link No Follow

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Zig Ziglar – Secrets Of Closing The SALE (Cost or Price)



Zig Ziglar – Secrets Of Closing The SALE (Cost or Price)