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10 Useful Websites For Bloggers


In todays post I will be sharing with you 10 Websites that could be ideal for bloggers.


1. Ever need your IP address when mapping a domain or looking to exclude your IP address from visits to your website ETC.

Then just go to


2. Do you ever wonder how readable your website is for visitors?  Well it can make a big difference so you can take your text and check your readability score by going to


3. Have you ever decided to do something on your computer and then noticed your new version of the software doesn’t work?  Well it happens to me many times, here is the answer!

 Go To and find an older version of your software.


4. Have you ever lost one of your websites due to a domain or hosting expiring and missing the deadline? And in the process lost all your posts and content.

Well all you need to is visit the Wayback Machine and with a little luck lots of previous caches of your website at different dates will be stored there. then it is up to you to just copy and paste the content.  🙂 


5.  Do you ever need to transfer large files or articles to your virtual assistants or to one of your clients or business associates?  The website below will take care of that for you best of all it is simple and easy to use too.


6. Do you ever want to send a video email?  Video emails are good when you just want to talk to someone directly in person even if you are far away.  You can use this service to send your video emails 🙂


7. Do you know that the length of time your website takes to load can sometimes affect your Google rankings?  Using this website you can type in your website url and find out exactly how long it takes to load.


8. Ever want to send a private note to someone but do not want the whole world to read it?  Well then you can use this cool bit of software after you send the note to someone and they read it.  It Automatically self destructs..


9.  This is a great way to find out what is missing from your website and what things you may need to do to improve it and also help Google to recognise your website better.


10. Last but certainly not least this may not be the most cheerful email you will ever send out but you never know when it could come in handy for you. Yes using this email you can send out emails when or after you die


 If you found these websites useful please feel free to share with your friends and followers using the social share buttons below 🙂 



10 Useful Websites For Bloggers